Tuesday, April 10, 2012

FedEx & Intl Paper - We ARE a Member of ALEC.

We are a member of ALEC, but we are members for business issues of importance for International Paper, not all policy issues that their members deal with,” said its spokesman, Thomas J. Ryan today. “We review all of our memberships on an annual basis and will continue to do so.”

The response followed a similar statement from Memphis-based FedEx last week. “Like any global business, FedEx participates in a range of civic and political engagement groups that represent or could impact our customers’ business interests,” said spokesman Maury Donahue. “We cannot speculate on our future relationships, but we regularly review our membership in all of these organizations.”

Interpret to:
As long as ALEC lets us sit down with ALEC legislators and write “model legislation” that benefits my business – hell yes – we are going to be members.  We don’t care about any other damage that ALEC does to the country with their “model legislation” – we are just concerned about our stockholders.

No other organization actually lets us WRITE legislation that will help our business.  Hell yes, we're staying put!

Folks – this is very telling about how important ALEC is to corporations.  Trust me – corporations don’t pay up to $25,000 a year to just “hang out” with legislators.

That’s why they should be named – ALEC Corporate Profit Sector Members.
In for a dime - in for a dollar.

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