Friday, April 27, 2012

ALEC Lobbyists Go Marching One By One; Hurrah, hurrah

Debbie Lesko (ALEC - AZ) “leaked emails” have been a problem for her, and I dare guess, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) this past year.

First there was the leaked email inviting Arizona legislators to the annual meeting – with a list of ALEC members from Arizona attached.

Lesko’s “leaked emails” have a tendency to be a wealth of information for the opposition.

Well it happened again.

This past week  - in an effort to save poor ol’ ALEC – the following Lesko email got leaked again (PFAW).

Debbie Lesko and other ALEC legislative members both present and past would like to invite you to a meeting thisThurs. (April 26th), 11:00am at AGC to get the latest update on the fight that ALEC is waging in the media against its detractors. We would really appreciate your attendance

Russell D. Smoldon
Senior Director Government Relations

SRP being the Salt River Project – the AZ State Profit Corporate Sector Chair

Looks like ALEC is rounding up the old members – that is why it is important to know who the old members are.  Because they ARE STILL ALEC-ers.  For a Feb 2012 list of over 3,000 past and present ALEC-ers, see this diary at Daily Kos.

And as always, a list of current ALEC-ers for every state can be found at ALEC Exposed.

              We would appreciate your attendance

And the Corporate profit sector members showed up!!!!
They have way too much invested in ALEC and ALEC legislators and ALEC Alumni to not be kept in the loop.

And god forbid – Lesko would send an email update…..

Well the lobbyists all showed up and click >>>> this link<<<<< to see what they looked like walking in. 
Wonder what they are talking about - maybe about how much money they have invested into buying ALEC legislators and how ALEC has turned into a toilet that needs to be flushed - money and all?

(Oh, yeh – read the article too – it’s pretty good!!)

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