Monday, April 23, 2012

Proctor & Gamble - DUMPS ALEC

"In deciding to part ways with ALEC, Procter & Gamble has acknowledged that it can't in good conscience market products to Black communities while at the same time handing over customers' dollars to a right-wing think tank that has worked to suppress the Black vote.

"On Friday afternoon, we learned that P&G began reviewing its membership in January and recently decided not to rejoin ALEC in 2012. External Relations Manager Elizabeth Ratchford told us via email that, 'Decisions about which memberships we retain are guided by budgetary considerations, value to the business and engagement on issues core to our ability to compete in the marketplace.' The multinational corporation made the determination that ALEC does not help P&G compete for consumers' loyalty and support.

"Unfortunately, Johnson & Johnson -- a P&G competitor and maker of products including Listerine, Visine, and Band-Aid -- has not come to the same decision, despite having heard from hundreds of ColorOfChange members and allies.

From a post I did earlier today:

It doesn’t get any clearer than that.
ownership of stock in any of ALEC’s member organizations represents a tacit (if unintentional) endorsement of those policies

which converts to
corporate membership in ALEC represents a tacit (if unintentional) endorsement of those policies

Are you "endorsing ALEC policies" - unintentionally?
Where are you shopping?
What items are you buying?
What stocks do you own?

If you have a choice between buying a product
from J & J   or   P&G
Pick a P&G product
You can find them>>>>>HERE<<<<

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