Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Ted Vick (Dem SC) ResignsFrom ALEC
Vick made the following statement regarding his decision:
“When I joined ALEC eight years ago, it was a very different organization. It was much more bipartisan and reflected the Jeffersonian view of limited but effective government.  Over the years, ALEC has steadily drifted to the right and away from its original purpose. 

I have been very vocal to the leaders of ALEC about my concerns. Last year, I walked out of a keynote speech by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal during an ALEC convention in protest of his outrageous attacks against President Obama and the Democratic Party.  
I have found myself voting against their legislation more and more. Just recently I voted against Voter ID legislation ALEC was pushing because I feared it would disenfranchise voters.
Recent revelations concerning ALEC’s funding sources from radical elements have proven to be the final straw for me.  
ALEC has become too partisan and too extreme. I’m running for Congress because I believe that the extremes on both sides are destroying the process. I believe we need more bipartisanship, statesmanship, and less divisive political rhetoric.
ALEC has become part of the problem and I can no longer be a member of this organization.”

Hopefully this will the first of many press releases on the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)  today.

Vick didn't do this on his own.

A Democratic state representative is calling upon his colleagues in the South Carolina State House to leave a Koch-funded special interest group which pushes right-wing legislation through statehouses across the country.

Rep. Boyd Brown (D-Fairfield) told fellow lawmakers that the American Legislative Exchange Council wields too much power among South Carolina legislators and lobbyists, and its members are neglecting their constituents. “As we are all aware, money continues to be the cancer on the body politic,” Brown wrote in a letter on Monday. “And with ALEC, it has taken over.”

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