Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Brophy (C) & Brockway (GA) - Love Their ALEC

Oregon (Brophy) ALEC Update
From his tweetfeed
SenatorBrophy @caitlynkorb ALEC and members caved to pressure. Huge mistake. I'm very disappointed. Reconsidering my support of/for ALEC about 1 hour ago · reply · retweet · favorite

From Brophy’s Bio Page
I’ve also been involved in the leadership of Colorado Farm Bureau.  In 1995 I competed in the American Farm Bureau discussion meet.  I was the Young Farmer and Rancher Chairman in 1996 and a member of the State Board of Directors.

But he does not mention this.
Sen. Greg Brophy (R-1); Public Safety and Elections Task Force

Yes he is disappointed!  But the real question is why?
Power to destroy the American representative democracy of, by and for the people?

OR NO MORE FREE TRIPS to fancy resorts to meet with corporate representatives to draft pro-corporate legislation?

Maybe that is the REAL reason he is “reconsidering my support of/for ALEC".

Georgia (Brockway) ALEC Update
Very good article – with great points that I suggest you glance at.
But we can’t let Rep. Brockway wrap an American flag around ALEC and cloak it in Buzz-words like “Jeffersonian principles.”

The American Legislative Exchange Council is a radical, right-wing group that operates in the shadows of government.

Until last year, few people outside of conservative political circles knew anything about the group. What we’ve discovered is that ALEC is a powerful group of corporations and lawmakers that sit at the table together to write our laws without our knowledge.

Last week, Coca-Cola announced that ALEC was too toxic for them and the company quit ALEC. Since then other companies have followed, including McDonald’s, Kraft, Inuit (which makes Quicken), Pepsi, the Gates Foundation and, yesterday, Wendy’s.

These companies were OK paying to run ALEC only as long as the public didn’t know about their involvement. It’s telling that these companies left ALEC once you, the American voter, caught on to the $7 million scam they are running.

But Rep. Brockway still hasn’t learned that lesson. He claims that ALEC provides an opportunity to network with other Legislators and share good ideas.

What Rep. Brockway doesn’t want you to know is that ALEC sends these same Legislators home with ghostwritten bills in their suit pockets. These cookie-cutter bills are often rushed through the General Assembly in the final days of the session. I would bet that Rep. Brockway doesn’t even know the full impact ALEC has on the Georgia Legislature and our state economy. He doesn’t know how many bills come out of the ALEC factory.

There’s only one thing I want to add - for you the reader - from a recent taskforce meeting where they were voting on ALEC “model legislation”:

Motion to adopt the model legislation; passed the public sector unanimously; passed the private sector unanimously. Bill Passed.

If you missed that the first time it is
Motion to adopt the model legislation;
passed the public sector unanimously;
passed the private sector unanimously.
Bill Passed.

Remember – this is what happens in EVERY ALEC TASKFORCE.
There are EIGHT more ALEC taskforces.
The Battle is not won yet.

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