Monday, April 2, 2012

Finding Fraud - The Cornerstone of the MN GOP

When you stop and think about fraud in Minnesota – It appears that the GOP could be experts at it – for more than one reason – but this blogger has a nine part series on  how the Minnesota GOP are good at cooking the books.

When you are fraudulent - you see fraud everywhere - kinda like those bugs you see on the walls while you are going through withdrawal.

Well this article will make you shake your head.
Coming to a state near you soon?

Coming to a workplace near you soon?

Coming to a unemployment office, social security office or Medicare office near you soon?

With these buttwipes you never know.

A Snip:

“The idea is clear,” said Thompson. “It’s to detect and prevent fraud and save the taxpayers’ money.”

Is there that much fraud being committed by state employees?

It turns out that all state employees who are insured by the state health program must submit the documents. Judges, legislative staffers — and yes, even legislators — are in the same pickle as union members.

They must find their wedding certificates, the birth certificates of their children or get copies – and then submit them, along with a copy of the front page of their 2010 or 2011 federal tax return. (The tax return is required to verify the names of spouse and dependents. Financial information, as well as the Social Security numbers, are to be redacted. The company assures state employees that all this private information will be managed in a secure fashion.)

You gotta read the whole thing – this is just too fucking stupid to be believable.

I hope all the fraud they find – is with Republicans.

By the way - Where’s the jobs!

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