Thursday, April 19, 2012

ALEC's "Race to the Bottom" Jobs Agenda

Remember earlier this week when the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) put out a press release that included this snip:
Contact: Kaitlyn Buss
Phone: 202-742-8526

“We are eliminating the ALEC Public Safety and Elections task force that dealt with non-economic issues, and reinvesting these resources in the task forces that focus on the economy. The remaining budgetary and economic issues will be reassigned.

“While we recognize there are other critical, non-economic issues that are vitally important to millions of Americans, we believe we must concentrate on initiatives that spur competitiveness and innovation and put more Americans back to work.

“Our free-market, limited government, pro-growth policies are the reason ALEC enjoys the support of legislators on both sides of the aisle and in all 50 states. ALEC members are interested in solutions that put the American economy back on track. This is our mission, and it is what distinguishes us.”

Well – the CMD has put out a great article this morning that gives you a heads up on what the ALEC “jobs and economic agenda”

Here’s a snip (my emphasis):

This week the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) announced that it would disband its controversial "Public Safety and Elections Task Force" to "Sharpen its Focus on Jobs, Free Markets and Growth." The disbanding of the source a few of its more extreme proposals on voter ID, "Stand Your Ground/Shoot to Kill," and AZ SB1070 will do little to clean up ALEC's reputation. Each of ALEC's nine task forces is a little shop of horrors of legislative proposals that only Milton Friedman could love.

Focus on jobs you say? The Center for Media and Democracy's archive of over 800 ALEC "model bills" has exposed a job's agenda that is nothing less than a ruthless race to the bottom in wages and working conditions.

FOLKS – Remember – Voter ID and Castle Doctrine are NOT THE ONLY nasty legislation that ALEC has put into our states AND CONTINUES TO WRITE!!!!!

We’ve seen some recent victories – but we have not won yet.


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