Friday, April 20, 2012

Homophobia - RU Part of the problem or the solution???

Today is the funeral for Kenneth James Weishuhn, a 14-year-old high school freshman in Iowa who killed himself after coming out as gay and subsequently facing a storm of brutal bullying, death threats and hateful Facebook and cell phone messages. Family, friends, his town mourn a "kind and respectful," and impossibly young, kid. If you can stand it, see the heartbreaking "When I Get Married" page he assembled for a dreamy future he will never have. This has to stop. Words matter. Remember it, and teach your kids.

You really have to look at this – it will break your heart – James’ "When I Get Married" page.
It will break your heart – hopefully it will bring tears to your eyes and help you make the decision that this has to stop, NOW and we are all part of the problem unless we become part of the solution.

This is just terribly wrong – wrong!!!!.

And I blame it on the homophobic crap that comes out the extreme right wing.  And the extreme right wing adults who teach their children to hate and who do nothing to stop the hate.

Perpetuating hate and divisiveness – the goal of the right wing.

"Protecting life" is  just a meme that they use to make themselves feel better 
   –because they know deep in their hearts - they are the children of the devil.

If you are different than them – in their eyes –
you don’t deserve to live and that’s wrong and that needs to change.

Every time something like this happens - we are all a little to blame. 
We can do more and we should.
Such a precious young man -gone -  such a shame and such a horrible loss.

We are all part of the problem unless we become part of the solution.
I hope you will be part of the solution - to rid our country of this hatred.

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