Monday, April 30, 2012

ALEC - Meetings with Lots of Favors

Four Dems in Nebraska left ALEC, allegedly.

Not enough legislators leaving yet – but good.
At least the Dems are started to get out of ALEC
– why in the hell Dems chose to  belong to the conservative extremist American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) – is a mystery to me –
Dems, ALEC members,  really?
Dems extremist right wing organization members, really?
Dems - hiding the extremist ALEC agenda from the public - really????

Those must be damn good parties with LOTS OF FAVORS that htye have at ALEC meetings.

The Nebraska senators jumping off the sinking ship of ALEC isn’t where I want to go – alleged defectors are popping up everywhere.

What I want to bring to your attention to was two paragraphs in that article that really point out how incredibly dangerous ALEC is.

Last night I was reading an article that interviewed the Executive Director of ALEC back in the 1990’s and the ALEC focus became clearer to me.  Based on that interview:
·        State legislators are the most ignored part of government and ALEC gives them a voice
·        It’s easier to get something passed at the state level than the federal level – because if a bill is introduced in 15 states and seven say , no – you have still won in 8 states – where as if Congress says no - - it is no!

Anyway – on to the snips from article
Here are examples of where those poor ol' ignored state legislators are wined and dined at fancy resort destinations by ALEC and the ALEC profit sector members - and ethical questions came up.

How often has this happened in YOUR state and no one was aware of it?
In 2003 the group paid the expenses of 13 Nebraska lawmakers to attend an ALEC convention in Las Vegas at the Venetian hotel and casino at a time when the Venetian was lobbying the Nebraska Legislature to allow casino gambling in the state. The incident raised ethical concerns about perks and gifts provided to senators.

In 2001 the Legislature passed a bill to soften a ban on diet supplements containing a stimulant known as ephedra. Then-Sen. Pam Brown introduced the bill after meeting representatives of a diet drug company at an ALEC convention. That company, Metabolife, spent $134,000 on lobbying and made several campaign contributions to get the bill passed. The FDA banned ephedra three years later after it was linked to 155 deaths.

How much evil has been brought back into your state after your legislators have been wined and dined at a fancy resort location, complete with party favors?
We have to get ALEC legislators 
- current members and ALUMNI 
- out of office 
– ALL of them!!!!

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