Tuesday, January 1, 2013

112th Congress Screws Over Sandy Victims!

Right after the POTUS spoke - right after
The last thing they did - was screw the victims of Hurrican SAndy.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it

then I couldn't believe my eyes while I was watching it on CSPAN.

And then the 112th Congress adjourned
- to a a volley of objections - clear NO's to the adjournment motion.

And ten minutes later - I am searching the web - because I can't believe what happened and - it did.

The GOP House just killed legislation to provide relief for Hurricane Sandy victims.
READ THAT ARTICLE closely and follow the links!!!!

There are conflicting reports on what will happen with this - some say the House will be in session again tomorrow morning - but others are stating the following:

The Sandy relief bill had already passed the Senate 62-32. 
By not taking action on the bill tonight, the House must wait for the new Congress to be sworn in, further delaying a final vote.

Either way - WOW - what a bunch of buttwipes! 
To do that to the residents of PA, NY, NJ and the East Coast 
and leave it up in the air like this!! 
This is crazy! 
How could they do this to the people in those states - it's winter!  They need the reassurance of the aid coming - this is as nasty as it gets.
Republicans - throwing temper tantrums - that's what it has to be!

UPDATE – 30 minutes later – ABC News

In a surprise move, the House of Representatives will not vote on Sandy aid in the 112th Congress, a GOP leadership aid confirmed late Tuesday evening. A vote to provide aid to victims affected by the storm could come later this week during the 113th Congress, leaving lawmakers to start from scratch on a resolution to the standoff.

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