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ALEC - "Have Propoganda, Will Travel"

Most of the time we focus on the meetings held by ALEC and we error in not mentioning the other ways that ALEC influences through their propaganda.

In addition to the multiple meetings across the United States, the American Legislative Exchange Council also promotes their extremist right wing agenda through:
    Monthly magazine issued to members
    Email newsletters issued to members
    Amicus briefs before all levels of the court system in the Untied States
    Letters written to the leaders of the US Congress promoting ALEC agendas
    Editorials published in local newspapers promoting the ALEC agenda

    Written and verbal ALEC "expert" testimony before government officials,
    on various corporate issues around the world 

From a 1992 ALEC brochure
ALEC's goal is to ensure that legislative members are fully armed with the information, research and ideas they need to win in the legislative arena. Its publications keep members up-to-date on emerging trends and provide in-depth analyses on issues at the state level.

And they promise their "legislatively challenged" US members that they will be to help them pass the extremist right wing ALEC agenda - just with a request through email or a phone call.  Basically it is a "Have ALEC propaganda, Will Travel" to any state legislature across the US.

In ALEC’s  ENERGY, ENVIRONMENT, AND ECONOMICS: A Guide for State Legislators, The Fifth Edition it states:
It is our hope that this guide will help state legislators as they engage in climate change and energy debates in state houses around the country. As you engage in these debates and if ALEC can help, please contact Daniel Simmons, ALEC’s Natural Resources Task Force Director, at 202-466-3800 or and I will assist you in any way possible.

Inside ALEC
This monthly magazine highlights the efforts of legislators and/or private sector members in regards to model legislation. ALEC’s staff would be delighted to assist you in connecting with these legislative or private sector champions.

Legacy Brochure
The following benefits will be extended to Legacy Members, after the Charter membership limit is met:
   Direct access to a designated ALEC staff member for assistance.

2005 State Legislators’ Guide to Health Insurance Solutions and Glossary
Now is the time to act. You have a mandate from your constituencies to tackle health insurance problems. The Council for Affordable Health Insurance and the American Legislative Exchange Council exist to help you find solutions. Use this Guide, and use us, too.
For further information contact Jim Frogue, Health and Human Services Task Force Director, American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), at 202-466-3800,

ALEC is here to help you.
Please contact Amy Kjose at (202) 742-8510 or

Legislator Recruitment Brochure
ALEC’s policy staff provides research, policy analysis, scholarly articles, reference materials, legislative bill tracking, and expert testimony on a wide spectrum of issues.
For the legislator that is so challenged – they can’t interpret ALEC “copy and paste” legislation – we will send an expert from Washington to Alaska to cover your ALEC butt – becauseALECcan.

Here's an example from 2010 when ALEC sent a staffer from Washington DC to Alaska to push the extremist ALEC right wing agenda - because evidently, their member couldn't get the job done.

March 11, 2010
1:48 p.m.

mp3 file is available for the two hour meeting.

SUBJECT – Hearing on HJR35

Proposing amendments to  the Constitution of the  State of Alaska
prohibiting passage  of laws that interfere  with direct payments
for health  care services and  the right to purchase  health care
insurance  from a  privately  owned company,  and  that compel  a
person to participate in a health care system.

POSITION STATEMENT:  Provided comments in favor of HJR 35

CHRISTIE HERRERA, Director                                      
Health and Human Services Task Force                            
American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)                    
Washington, D.C.      

POSITION STATEMENT:  Provided comments in favor of HJR 35.

2:20:13 PM   

CHRISTIE  HERRERA,  Director,  Health  and  Human  Services  Task
Force,  American  Legislative  Exchange Council  (ALEC),  relayed
that the ALEC applauds HJR 35  - which is modeled after "our own,
'freedom of  choice in healthcare Act,'  now in ... 38  states"
because the  ALEC believes that  it will ensure  continued access
to  health services;  that  when  government controls  healthcare
dollars, it  makes treatment decisions  based on what's  best for
government;  and that  patients, not  bureaucrats, should  decide
what's best for patients.  The  ALEC also applauds HJR 35 because
the ALEC  believes that the  resolution would stop  mandates that
just don't work.   She indicated that although  the ALEC believes
it's important for  people to have health  insurance coverage, it
also believes that a government  requirement to purchase it would
be  ineffective,  bureaucratic,  and  costly.   For  example,  in
Massachusetts,  which   has  mandated  the  purchase   of  health
insurance since  2006, such insurance  cost 40 percent  more than
in the  rest of  the country],  a third  of the  population still 
doesn't have coverage,  it's harder for the  newly-insured to see
a physician,  emergency room usage  has increased by  17 percent,
and legislators expect a $2  billion to $4 billion shortfall over
the next decade.

MS.  HERRERA relayed  that the  ALEC  also believes  that HJR  35
would help  Alaskans shield themselves from  the proposed federal
healthcare-reform legislation, and from any  attempt by the State
of Alaska to  prohibit direct payment for medical  care, and that
it would  result in a federalism  clash if Congress passes  a law
that  either forces  people to  purchase  insurance or  prohibits
direct  payments.     On  the  latter  point,   she  offered  her
understanding that  the U.S. Supreme  Court has already  ruled in
favor  of  the states  when  they  take  steps to  protect  their
citizens'  freedoms.    She  then offered  her  belief  that  the
problem  of  people  seeking medical  services  but  refusing  to
purchase health insurance is going  to exist anyway regardless of
whether  HJR 35  passes and  its proposed  changes to  the Alaska
State Constitution are then ratified  by the voters; "even if ...
a mandate did  solve the 'free-rider' problem, we  would still be
forced to  pay for the  newly-insured with subsidies  to purchase
the   required   insurance,"   she   added,   and   offered   her
understanding  of what  the provisions  of  the proposed  federal
healthcare-reform  legislation might  entail and  how they  might
affect a low-income family of four.

MS. HERRERA offered  her belief that HJR 35  won't affect federal
programs - such  as Medicare and Medicaid - or  that it would tie
the hands of legislators thereby  preventing them from addressing
possible  changes  to  such  federal   programs.    Instead,  she
ventured, HJR 35 would ensure  that the cornerstone of any future
reforms is  the preservation  of patients'  rights.   She offered
her understanding  that a study  performed by the  Cato Institute
estimates   that    the   proposed    federal   healthcare-reform
legislation  would require  more  than 100  million Americans  to
drop  their existing  coverage and  buy  more expensive  coverage
that they  may not want  or need.   She concluded  by reiterating
that the ALEC applauds HJR 35.

the ALEC applauds HJR 35  - which is modeled after "our own, 'freedom of  choice in healthcare Act,' 
she  offered  her understanding
She  then offered  her  belief 
she   added,   and   offered   her understanding 
MS. HERRERA offered  her belief
She offered her understanding 
She concluded  by reiterating that the ALEC applauds HJR 35


       "our own, 'freedom of  choice in healthcare Act,' 

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