Saturday, January 26, 2013

25,000 Signatures to Terminate ALEC

When I posted this - the petition was there - otherwise I wouldn't have been able to read it.
TODAY - it is gone - time limit ran out.

MAYBE - someone would like to take the original petition shown below - edit it - maybe include asking for an investigation into the actions of ALEC  and reports on the White House site (the link at the bottom of the page) - and adding that state legislators are involved.  They are at best secessionists - not traitors.

THEN go viral with

If you want to get something done – you have to advertise it – somewhere – somehow.
Now I am pretty anal about everything ALEC on the web – and I never saw this before tonight and it is almost a month old.

On the White House Petition Site:

we petition the Obama administration to:

made up of billionaire CEOs and members of Congress. This Council of men and women create and pass legislation that favors wealthy businesses; including legislation that will plunge our Government, Nation, and WE The People, into a Plutocracy (country governed and ruled by the wealthy for the wealthy; with total power over The People). Members of Congress are paid huge amounts of money to do so, while holding back job creation and growth from The People, and undermining our Nation's economy. All meetings are held behind closed doors, to keep The People uninformed. WE The People are losing our Civil and Human Rights with each legislation passed. The American Legislative Exchange Council, et al, must be prosecuted, as Treasonists, to the fullest extent under U.S. laws that may apply.

While I don't quite agree with everything they wrote - you gotta give the person who started this a round of applause.
If you want to sign it –

If you did sign it - let others know they need to sign it - 25,000 signatures and it goes to the White House.

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