Wednesday, January 16, 2013

ALEC - The Go-to Org for Right-Wing Extremists

A Kansas state official is looking to ALEC for help.
He is very interested in ALEC’s “copy and paste” legislation.

He is terrified that the Federal government is going to overtake Kansas.
He need help to stop that
Kansas is in peril
The federal government is poised to SWALLOW up Kansas – and Kansas will exist NO MORE.
The Koch’s are in peril

He needs ALEC to ride to the rescue of the state of Kansas and the entire prairie state area.

You see – this state official appears to have a crazy whacked out idea – based on some sort of delusional paranoia and he wants ALEC to help him.

The end of Kansas as we know it
The sky if falling, the sky if falling.

The Federal government is out to get - Kansas.

The Federal government is going to vaporize Kansas. - Kansas as we know it will cease to exist.
The Federal government will destroy Kansas - unless ALEC helps.

Evidently, when you need help governing, using paranoid delusional extremist right-wing legislation, the American Legislative Exchange Council appears to be the go-to organization.

Kansas stands on the front line of a potential battle with the federal government over property rights, says Aaron Jack, the state’s securities commissioner,


“We are witnessing a tug-of-war with an over-reaching federal government on one side and the states on the other side.


The Economic Freedom Amendment (or EFA) is a key component in that wall of resistance, he said.

“Specifically, the EFA’s purpose is to protect property rights, first and foremost, of the investors and owners of Kansas companies, from government over-reach,” Jack said. “A threat to property rights represents an existential threat to our way of life.
Oh yeh – we have to protect the property rights of the investors and owners of Kansas companies

 This is not a Republican-Democrat issue,” he said. “In fact, this all started under the Bush administration. It’s about property rights; it’s not an anti-Obama amendment. ... I will do my best not to have it become a partisan political issue. I don’t think it is. My office is not a partisan one to begin with.”
Oh, really?
Started under the Bush administration – well that gives it a boatload of credit.

Step one, said Jack, is passing the amendment in Kansas. From there, he intends to approach the American Legislative Exchange Council for assistance in urging additional states to follow suit.
My office is not a partisan one to begin with
No not really!!!!
I’m nonpartisan – just like ALEC is nonpartisan.


The EFA gives Kansas a voice and it’s saying we’re not OK with a federal government takeover — the government can’t take over our property rights.”
Well most citizens in the prairie states
Are probably
 not OK with a state government takeover on behalf of the  Koch’s and administered by ALEC.

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