Friday, January 25, 2013

ALEC High Risk Free-Market Experiment - FAILS AGAIN!!!

The first rule of human experimentation

ALEC free-market philosophy in education FAILS again.
Replacing public education with for-profit schools - FAILS again.

The school children in Pennsylvania were the human subjects of this ALEC experimentation - the ALEC legislators of Pennsylvania are complicit in this experiment on American children - an experiment that harmed a vulnerable population - Pennsylvania's children.

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- Jon Queally, staff writer
The nationwide push for privatization of education through corporate-backed charter schools received a rebuke this week after newly calculated data in Pennsylvania showed that such schools are markedly out-performed by their public counterparts.

Under a new and controversial method the department used last fall, 49 percent of 156 charter schools met benchmarks based on student tests scores in 2011-12.

The rate dropped to 28 percent after the department released a recalculation this week. In Philadelphia, the percentage of the 80 charter schools that met the standards declined from 54 percent to 29 percent.

None of the 12 cyber charter schools that provide online in-home instruction to students statewide met the benchmarks. Previously, one met the standard.

ALEC Scorecard – where they keep track of the success of implementing ALEC “model legislation”
1992 ALEC Scorecard
Model Legislation
    AZ. CT. FL MA. MI. NJ,
    NY. OR. PA  TN. VT. WI. WY
    CO. GA. NM

2000 ALEC Annual Report
Education Task Force
The mission of the Education Task Force is to help promote excellence in our country’s educational system. The Task Force is helping to reach that level of excellence by advocating strong accountability in public schools and advancing education reform policies, such as charter schools

2001 ALEC Annual Report
2001 Legislative Highlights
One of the most important resources ALEC provides to its members is model legislation. In 2001, more than a dozen states introduced legislation to create charter schools or strengthen existing charter school
2005 ALEC Federal Forum
Instead, ALEC advocates for strong accountability in public schools, providing a path for alternate teacher certification and promoting charter schools and choice programs.

Inside ALEC | November/December 2010
A Look into the 2011 Legislative Cycle
Following is a compilation of ALEC policy solutions for budget crises, education, health care, and other issues that are affected by and significantly affect budgetary spending in addition to improving the economy.      Allow for more charter schools. This is especially true for those 11 states that currently don’t have any.

Ten years later – the high-risk charter school experiment by the American Legislative Exchange fails and the victims are the children

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