Monday, January 7, 2013

Hovey (CT-ALEC) - One Nasty Piece of Work

From CNN last Thursday
(CNN) -- The former Arizona congresswoman who survived a mass shooting in her district roughly two years ago paid a visit Friday to Newtown, Connecticut, where last month a gunman killed 27 people and himself in one of the deadliest mass shootings in U.S. history.

Gabrielle Giffords made the trip with her husband, Mark Kelly. The couple met with local and state leaders to discuss gun control legislation, mental health identification and treatment, and "concerns for the erosion of our societal values such that we are increasingly desensitized to violence," according to Newtown First Selectman Pat Llodra.
Nothing more to say on that.

Debra Hovey – Connecticut ALEC
Debra Hovey – ALEC :
Rep. DebraLee Hovey (R-112), State Chairman[1]; Public Safety and Elections Task Force [2]
The Public Safety and Elections Task Force of the American Legislative Exchange Council is the one which promoted Kill at Will and supposedly the task force –while publically disbanded – just moved its agenda to other task forces as noted by the Task Force Chair back in 2012, as noted below.

And that fact was brought to life in this interview (my emphasis):

Republican State Rep. Jerry Madden of Texas chairs the Public Safety Task Force and although he is disappointed the committee is disbanding, he said many of the issues will be transferred to other committees.

"ALEC's decision won't impact the important issues we've worked on," Madden told The Christian Post.
BUT no one is covering that – they never did - they aren't now.

From ALEC member Debra Hovey – last Friday
Debra Hovey (from her Florida Saint Pete Beach vacation to write):

Facebook snips – courtesy of The Hartford Courant

From the comments:
Just because Rep Gabby Giffords was critically injured by a gunshot wound to the head thirteen people were injured and six others were killed in the shooting including a little nine year old girl, how dare she come to Debralee Hovey”s town and show compassion in a private meeting with the families.

And then this:
When Miss Hovey is up for reelection, we will make sure her opponent is strong and well financed.
You can resume your career full time after the election.
From their keyboard to the higher powers ears.

It would be nice if we could get all the nasty ALEC members out of office.
I really wish it could happen!!!

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