Tuesday, January 15, 2013

ALEC - You Do NOT Find This - at an NCSL Meeting

I just forced myself to listen to a 10 minute presentation on a radio program sponsored by the extremist right-wing free-market radio station from the John Locke Foundation in North Carolina.

They were talking about ALEC.  In fact they were whining about how the American Legislative Exchange Council is being picked on by the left -whining, whining, whining. They spent ten minutes trying to get the listener to believe that ALEC is just like NCSL.  I get so sick of that argument.

While I was listening to it I thought of this quote from a PR Watch article that was released today (my emphasis):

Just a few months earlier, the corporations and legislators on the ALEC Public Safety and Elections Task Force had adopted a version of the "Firearms Destruction Prevention Act" (also known as the "Disposition of Firearms in State and Local Custody Act") as a "model," at the behest of the NRA. Both the ALEC/NRA model and the Arizona law have the same functional impact.

at the behest of the NRA
at the behest of the NRA
at the behest of the NRA
at the behest of the NRA
at the behest of the NRA

THIS,.........................DOES NOT HAPPEN AT AN NCSL MEETING!

Model legislation sponsor:
Ms. Tara Mica, National Rifle Association
Ms. Tara Mica, National Rifle Association
Ms. Tara Mica, National Rifle Association 

THAT is what you find at an ALEC meeting

find that on the agenda at an NCSL meeting

A side note:
In 2011 ALEC Media staffer, Reagan Weber,  sent out a memo to ALEC members on how to handle the press.
As ALEC becomes more known for our success, this will also generate tough questions from the press and from state legislative committees. The following information is designed to help you navigate away from those tough questions and get back to talking about policy. If you are asked any of these questions, acceptable responses are provided, but please then direct the conversation back to the policy to which you want to discuss.

Private Sector member questions:
• Isn’t this just a front for big corporations to push their legislative policies on policy makers?
• Isn’t this just another way for big corporations to lobby behind closed doors?
• Can the private sector propose legislation?

ALEC Response:
Since ALEC is a legislative organization our state legislators take the lead on proposing legislation and only the public sector votes to adopt legislation as ALEC policy.

Ms. Tara Mica, National Rifle Association,  
is a State Legislator
according to ALEC

or ALEC members are pathological LIARS!!!

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