Wednesday, January 16, 2013

63% of GOP Think Congressional GOP Sucks.

First of all it is important to point this out:

You can tell it's a volatile political year when a balding, middle-aged pollster gets a standing ovation from hundreds of state legislators after delivering the news that only 23% of the people in this country believe today's federal government has the consent of the governed.

"Americans don't want to be governed from the left or the right," Scott Rasmussen tells the American Legislative Exchange Council, a conference of 1,500 conservative and moderate legislators. "They want, like the Founding Fathers, to largely govern themselves with Washington in a supporting—but not dominant—role. The tea party movement is today's updated expression of that sentiment."

And you have this:
ALEC National Chairman 2010, moderated each day’s keynote sessions and introduced conference speakers, as well presiding over the award ceremonies. Governors Rick Perry from Texas and Joe Manchin from West Virginia gave keynote addresses along with Randall Stephenson, President and CEO of AT&T, Nathan Fletcher, State Assemblyman representing California’s 75th district, Greg Babe, President and CEO of Bayer Corporation, John Fund, author and columnist with the Wall Street Journal, Scott Rasmussen, Founder and President, Rasmussen Reports and Lt. Governor Scott Angelle from Louisiana.
So it is pretty easy to surmise – even without other references that The Rasmussen Report runs more red than blue.

Having said that – this is kind of important.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Most GOP voters continue to believe that congressional Republicans are out of touch with the party base, while Democrats are happier than ever with how their team is performing in Washington, DC.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 30% of Likely Republican Voters believe Republicans in Congress have done a good job representing their party’s values over the past several years.

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