Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Sheeple Gun Nuts - - -

LaPierre goes on TV and acts like a lunatic
And the result has been predictable.

More money for the NRA
More money for the gun manufacturers
More money for the ammo manufacturers
The ALEC free market at work.
From the news last night
So guns can be sold today at prices far beyond what they were two months ago.

"AR's, AR 15 rifles are selling for, some of them, as much as five times as what they were selling for before," Krause said.

The same goes for ammo. A $5 box is selling for $20 on many gun websites. That's how much people want to get it. They are paying, whatever price is asked.

With the recent reelection of President Obama and the firearm related events, various politicians are discussing anti-gun legislation. In response, people are scared that the Federal Government will ban various weapons and high capacity magazines -- much like the government did back in 1994.

This had an overnight effect on AR rifle sales and prices as people rushed out to buy anything AR related they could find both in retail and online. Prices of the 30 round Magpul magazines that go into the AR rifles rose in price several hundred percent. What would have cost $12.50 for a standard 30 round magazine now runs $40.00 dollars if not more on auction sites. The premium top-of-the-line magazines run even higher. Online retailers are completely sold out of Magpul magazines, with some no longer taking backorders.

Stupid people– paying excessive amounts of money for a product.
People who did exactly what LaPierre wanted them to do
People being dooped by the gun industry and the NRA
Wayne LaPierre did what he gets paid for
Making more money for the gun industry

The Obama administration announcement that they are supporting a new Assault Weapon Ban, and a ban on high capacity magazines, has sent shockwaves through the industry. All day consumers have been buying guns, ammunition and magazines.

Brownells is fast running out of stock of 5.56mm NATO and magazines. They still have 20 and 30 round aluminum magazines in stock but they are have run out of 30 round Magpul magazines and 5.56mm ammunition. They still have some premium .223 Remington ammunition in stock, but it won’t last long.

Which causes the profits to increase!!!!
For instance, fourth-quarter profit for the Clayton-based Olin Corp., increased 85 percent, driven by strong sales of ammunition to commercial, military and law enforcement customers, according to reports released Tuesday. In Olin’s Winchester ammunition unit, sales increased to $155.8 million in the fourth quarter, from $122.5 million a year earlier. (See story in Business, A13)

Stock Prices Climb for Gun Makers, Retailers
Friday, 25 Jan 2013 01:07 AM
By Sandy Fitzgerald

Stock prices for companies that make and sell firearms are rising on President Barack Obama's call to Congress to pass an assault weapon ban.

Stocks for Sturm, Ruger, & Co. and Smith & Wesson rose about 4 percent on Wednesday, reports CNN. Sturm, Ruger have risen 13 percent in the month since the shootings in Newtown, Conn. on Dec. 14.

Retailers specializing in guns also have seen their stocks rise. Cabela's stock went up 6 percent on Wednesday and is up 20 percent in the month since the school shootings. Dick's Sporting Goods also marked a 6 percent increase on Wednesday.

Stupid people– paying excessive amounts of money for a product.
Stupid sheeple - being dooped
Following the lead sheep - going off the deep end. 
Wayne LaPierre did what he gets paid for
Making more money for the gun industry

The ALEC free market at work.
More money for ALEC meeting scholarships.

An aside - Has anybody else noted that the main reason that gun nuts keep bringing up for the reason they want to keep their guns - is to shoot other people

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