Thursday, January 31, 2013

Minnesota US House Races - May Get Some PAC Help

Minnesota - lookie - lookie
Hopefully Jim Graves will run again and they send some love his way.
Hopefully we can get that loonie in the 6th District to go home and cuddle up to Marcus - permanently.

Gotta find someone in the second that the PAC can put their money behind.

House Majority PAC, the super PAC formed in the 2012 cycle to support Democratic House candidates, has rolled out its first round of Republican incumbent targets for the 2014 cycle.

They are:

        Rep. Michele Bachmann – Minnesota’s 6th
        Rep. Mike Coffman – Colorado’s 6th
        Rep. Gary G. Miller – California’s 31st
        Rep. Rodney Davis – Illinois’ 13th
        Rep. Michael G. Fitzpatrick – Pennsylvania’s 8th
        Rep. Michael G. Grimm – New York’s 11th
        Rep. Joe Heck – Nevada’s 3rd
        Rep. David Joyce – Ohio’s 14th
        Rep. John Kline – Minnesota’s 2nd
        Rep. Steve Southerland II – Florida’s 2nd

“In 2012, House Majority PAC built a strong record of success, and in 2013 we are ready to hit the ground running to hold these Republicans accountable and communicate with swing voters about their extreme records and backward priorities,” House Majority PAC Executive Director Alixandria Lapp said.

The group spent heavily in the fall of 2012, making major ad buys in markets.

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