Wednesday, December 5, 2012

ALEC Action Item - Eliminating New Members

Sometimes you might read an article and say – good idea.

Sometimes you might read an article and say, “Good idea.” and yet, not realize you can do the same.

Yesterday, a news article was released in Florida.
A news article that contains an action item that can be replicated across the United States.

Progress Florida and Florida Watch Action-- two influential progressive groups in the state-- have launched a preemptive attack on the influence of ALEC in the Florida Legislature.

Progress Florida and Florida Watch Action sent a letter to every member of the Florida Legislature letting them know of ALEC's influence and that they are watching how they will respond to it.

Specifically, they are asking each member (including returning members) to let them know whether they will join ALEC.

The letter is in the article

Do an “ALEC copy and paste” of the letter from the article
Delete all the Florida specific bits
Print it!
MAIL IT to all new legislators in your state.

YOUR message to new legislators – that I am watching you!

YOUR inexpensive, yet very effective  ---   Anti-ALEC ACTION ITEM.
10 minutes of your time
A piece of paper, an envelope – a 44 cent stamp.

By doing so - maybe you can eliminate new membership in the American Legislative Exchange Council.  New legislators might think twice before they sign on the ALEC dotted line - pledging their souls and allegiance to ALEC Corporate Profit Sector Members.

It does not get any easier than that folks, to be an activist!

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