Thursday, December 6, 2012

Heritage Foundation Loony – Goes Loony

You gotta read this article and watch the videos.

This is pretty amazing – composure is not longer a word in the "wrongies" vocabulary.
(I refuse to use the word righties - cause they are not correct/right - they are wrong.)

WASHINGTON -- A conservative scholar at the Heritage Foundation, Edmund F. Haislmaier, attacked a nonprofit employee Tuesday morning in a hotel where both men were attending an event sponsored by the Campaign to Fix the Debt.

The incident, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel downtown, occurred after Burke Stansbury, of the Seattle-based nonprofit Campaign for Community Change, and about 20 other progressive activists interrupted a speech by Republican Sen. Rob Portman (Ohio) to encourage the senator to protect Social Security and Medicare in fiscal cliff negotiations.

Stansbury told The Huffington Post that Haislmaier followed him and his group out of the conference room, where video shows Haislmeier screaming, "No! No! No no no no! No! Nonono! No! I was invited on this panel ... No no no no! No! These people, these people are screwing things up for my kids!"

Stansbury replied, "These are the real people," but Haislmaier was "livid."

As Haislmaier yelled, "'And I'm not, I'm not...,'" Stansbury said, "he grabbed my wrist and then grabbed the camera and pulled the camera out of my hand and it fell to the floor." The video shows the camera hitting the floor, after which it stops filming.

At this point, according to witnesses, two hotel security guards stepped in and forcibly restrained Haislmaier.

The "wrongies" are going looney tunes.
They can’t even compose themselves.

“No no no no! No! These people, these people are screwing things up for my kids!"
“No! No! No no no no! No! Nonono! No!”

OH - I would really like to hear his logic to support that statement - or not.

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