Friday, December 7, 2012

The Deceptive, Destructive ALEC Mechanism

In an article released on PRWatch – the truly destructive and horrific process of the ALEC legislative process is revealed.  Many might read it and think - ti's the same old, same old - BUT IT IS NOT.  New information released in this article - creates a new lens by which to judge the actions of your ALEC legislators.

(My emphasis)

All legislators who are ALEC Task Force members are eligible for generous offers of flights and hotel rooms from the Task Force Scholarship Fund, paid for by the task force’s corporate members.

How do legislators earn the privilege of task force membership?

According to ALEC’s Task Force Operating Procedures,
“A preference will be given to legislators who sponsor ALEC Task Force model legislation in the state legislature."

CMD wrote in its December 6 letter to the GAB:

"Accordingly, Wisconsin legislators are appointed to task forces because they introduce ALEC Task Force bills -- which tend to benefit the task force’s corporate members – and the task force’s corporate members then pay for gifts of flights and fancy hotel rooms worth hundreds, and cumulatively thousands, of dollars for those same legislators. Those flights and hotel rooms make it possible for legislators to attend additional ALEC Task Force meetings so they may be lobbied to introduce more task force model legislation. Such transactions reek of a quid pro quo."

The intentionally secretive mechanics behind this type of corporate interference in our government by a rogue extremist right-wing organization is untenable.

IF – YOU – 
If you can read that and not see and not truly understand the dangerous influence ALEC has,
an influence that threatens our democratic, representative government.  
Please read it again, slowly - pay attention and think this time.

ALEC has promulgated a “this for that”(aka quid pro quo) system in our governments that if ALEC legislators sponsor ALEC legislation that corporations want passed, then corporations will give the ALEC legislators more free trips -  to pick up more corporate legislation to sponsor.  As responsible citizens – we MUST ask “What else are the corporations giving ALEC legislators?”

The continuous, uninterrupted, downward spiral of destruction of our democracy being perpetrated by the American Legislative Exchange Council is incalculable, to the people of the US, in regards to our rights and our representation.

In corporate-speak you should be prompted to ask these two questions.
What are the performance deliverables of the ALEC legislator for ALEC Corporate Profit Sector Members?
What are the compensation deliverables for the ALEC Corporate Profit Sector Members to ALEC legislators?
The answer to both is shown above.

So when your legislator brags about being on an ALEC task force
- know they are bought and paid for by ALEC Corporate Profit Sector members. 

But your on-going question should be
- “What else are the corporations giving to my ALEC legislators?”

My question to you is
“America, when are we going to stop this wholesale destruction of our democracy by the American Legislative Exchange Council?”  WHEN???

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