Saturday, December 8, 2012

ALEC Members - Subverting Representative Government

A really good article just hit the web – written in a concise and easily understandable way that outlines the inherent dangers, to our representative government, perpetrated by the corrupted legislative members of American Legislative Exchange Council.

Just a few snips from:

by John Lawrence on December 8, 2012 · 0 comments

Why hire individual lobbyists and send them out in search of Congressmen when you can set up a lobbying clearinghouse and have them come to you?

So instead of the lobbyists fanning out on Capitol Hill to meet with Congressmen individually, public officials are invited en masse to an ALEC meeting

ALEC brings legislators and their families, rich individuals and corporations together at luxury resorts. For a few hours of work on a task force and a couple of indoctrination sessions by ALEC experts, part-time legislators can bring the whole family to ALEC’s annual convention, work for a few hours, then stay in swank hotels, attend cool parties and raise funds for the campaign coffer, all heavily subsidized by the corporate till. In 2009, ALEC spent $251,873 on childcare so Mom and Dad could have fun.

The legislators from all levels - local, state and national - are then handed model legislation which the legislators then take back home to their districts where they present it as having been crafted by themselves instead of by corporate lawyers.

ALEC makes old-fashioned lobbying obsolete. Once legislators return to their state with corporate-sponsored ALEC legislation in hand, the legislators themselves become “super-lobbyists” for ALEC’s corporate agenda, cutting out the middleman. The fusion of politician and lobbyist is complete.

ALEC members represent a who’s who of right wing politicians and major corporations.      Corporations not legislators fund almost all of ALEC’s activities.

Definitely suggested reading for those just learning about ALEC.
   to further their education about ALEC.

It isn't the government,  we thought we understood,  folks.
ALEC has changed all that.

ALEC has changed the way that government is influenced by corporations 
and we need to change the way we respond to our government officials.

The continuous, uninterrupted, downward spiral of destruction to our democracy that is being perpetrated by the legislative members of American Legislative Exchange Council is incalculable.
Outright destruction of representative government - of, by, and for the people - facilitated by corrupted ALEC legislative members.
Outright destruction of representative government - directed at the people of the US, in regards to our rights and our representation -  enacted by the very ALEC legislative members that are suppose to serve the public.
ALEC members - intentionally  subverting the very foundation of our government, for the sole purpose of enhancing the revenues of ALEC Corporate Profit Sector members.

 "Mr. Smith" or any other fictional belief you hold regarding your representatives - is no longer a valid belief.
ALEC legislators, are the purest form of evil - and as long you continue to think/imagine/hope  that ALEC government officials are all working on OUR behalf - you are part of the problem.

Be part of the solution!

There are way too many people out there 
that still do not know about ALEC.
Don’t just send the article link to people who already know about ALEC – but to others that need to learn.

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