Saturday, December 15, 2012

When Will ALEC #DumpNRA

Two things just hit me in kinda a bomb

First - ALEC is spending a crapload of their corporate donated funds to pay PR company Edelman to whitewash their nasty little image. (Unless of course, Edelman is an ALEC member and just donating their services - always a possibility.)

Second - For ALEC, having a buddy like the NRA is like owning a pet gorilla that keeps throwing poop at you.

So the question is:
When is the American Legislative Exchange Council going to publicly DumpNRA?  Or are the NRA's $$$'s worth more to ALEC , than the bad publicity the NRA keeps bringing to ALEC's door.

Gotta be the $$$$$$$
Silly me - it is the $$$ - that is all ALEC is concerned with.

I'm pretty sure JOhn Nichols wouldn't want to be on this particular blog page -
But - it is appropos.

This morning – you have this from John Nichols at the Nation
How ALEC Thwarts Honest Debate About Gun Violence
John Nichols on December 16, 2012 - 12:12 AM ET 
It is easy to blame the National Rifle Association.

But is important to go beyond “easy” and understand that the NRA never walks alone. Reasonable people may have reasonable differences about how, when, where and whether to address the concerns Miller raises with regard to sales of assault weapons and ammunition.
A short read
Read the whole thing

And ALEC is right by their side - pushing NRA legislation.
BLAME - ALEC and the NRA.

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