Thursday, December 13, 2012

ALEC is The Problem

ALEC is the problem!!!
Will the media please start acknowledging this - PLEASE!!!!!

I am getting really sick and tired of left talk radio/TV hosts and the people they interview bringing up the Koch’s over and over and over again in reference to what just happened in Michigan.

Yes, Americans for Prosperity was there.
     AFP – was not passing out the Right to Mooch legislation to legislators.
     AFP – was not in the Michigan capitol voting on the legislation.
     AFP – did not distribute the legislation passed in the Michigan capitol.

ALEC was INSIDE the Michigan State Capitol.
ALEC legislation was INSIDE the Michigan State Capitol

ALEC is the problem!!!

When is the media going to start acknowledging who is really to blame.

WE KNOW the legislation was an ALEC copy and paste job.

Another ALEC experiment – in Michigan.

ALEC is the problem.
ALEC writes the legislation at their meetings.
ALEC warehouses the legislation in their special secretive vaults.
ALEC distributes the legislation to their ALEC legislators.
ALEC legislators introduce the legislation.
ALEC members vote on the legislation.
ALEC is the problem.

ALEC's So-Called "Right to Work" Bill was Political Revenge in Michigan – political revenge enacted by the American Legislative Exchange Council political party.

I wish the media would give the whole credit for this disaster to the party responsible for this mess, The American Legislative Exchange Council - they are to blame.

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