Tuesday, December 25, 2012

ALEC to Muzzle Attorney Generals and You!!!

ALEC’s nastiness continues to surface – even on Christmas eve
You see, the widespread nastiness of both ALEC legislators and ALEC corporate profit sector members – will continue to proliferate until the US public starts to take action to say - NO MORE ALEC!!!
I seem to have opened a Pandora's box when I wrote last week about the ruling by a federal judge in Kentucky that Merck can proceed with a constitutional challenge to the state attorney general's use of private lawyers to bring consumer protection claims against the pharmaceutical company.
Oh – Merck – ALEC MEMBER
Why am I not surprised reading this

The article goes on to note:
Mississippi's attorney general, Democrat Jim Hood, blamed the pro-business American Legislative Exchange Council for pushing through his state's restrictions, which, among other things, limit the fees outside lawyers can recover. "In the past eight years the office has recovered more than $600 million for our taxpayers from wrongdoers without costing the taxpayers one dime," he said in May, when the law was passed. "However, the huge corporate interests that paid for and supported this bill through the American Legislative Exchange Council have decided that they did not like having to pay what they owed the taxpayers of Mississippi."


In particular, Widman noted that when Congress passed the 2008 Consumer Protection and Safety Improvement Act and the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act, there was discussion of barring AGs from entering contingency fee contracts to enforce the laws, but no such provisions ended up in the legislation. That's appropriate, she said. "Representing the citizens of their state against large-scale consumer abuses -- whether consumer protection, environmental protection, curbing financial fraud, or other types of systemic injuries -- is both expensive and requires a large staff, resources that many state AG offices are lacking," Widman testified. "State attorneys general must be able to rely sometimes on outside counsel in order to marshal the manpower needed to rectify these types of abuses."

This coming legislative session we will see a lot of work being done by members of the American Legislative Exchange Council to usurp the power of State Attorney Generals.  The state Attorney General’s Office works for the people to protect consumers from the flagrant abuses of corporate America – god forbid anyone, especially the state Attorney General, would get in the way of the ALEC corporate profit sector members and their revenue – revenues generated - at any expense.

The people of the US have to start to realize that ALEC is a very dangerous organization that deals with the rights of corporations – over those of the public.  ALEC legislators in your state are presenting legislation that benefits corporations at the expense of the public.    ALEC legislators are a threat to the US consumer.

At the Charlotte NC meeting in May 2012 – ALEC set their sights on destroying the power of the state Attorney General – so it is UP TO YOU to make sure that their multiple pieces of legislation don’t’ pass in your state – cause you never know when YOU will need the help of you state Attorney General.

And in the process, the people themselves will be muzzled:

Yeah, one proposal is called the ALEC Attorney General Authority Act     it says the attorneys general's client is the state, not necessarily the people of the state.

This bill comes from a law firm in Mississippi. One of the firm's clients is a big utility company, Entergy. And in Mississippi the Democratic attorney general has a three-year lawsuit going against Entergy. His question is whether Entergy manipulated prices and overcharged consumers. So this seems like the kind of case that could be reined in by the ALEC Attorney General Authority Act.
This bill comes from a law firm in Mississippi.
NOTE - this was NOT from a state legislator -it was from a law firm.
A law firm that represents and ALEC corporate profit sector member.
It is time to wake up and to realize that legislators DON'T write legislation when they are at ALEC meetings - they go to ALEC meetings to pick up legislation - WRITTEN BY CORPORATIONS!!!

ALEC does not care about YOU!!!!
ALEC legislators do not care about YOU!!!!
ALEC - ALEC legislators - ALEC profit sector member - ALL want to take your consumer rights away from you.

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