Sunday, December 16, 2012

NRA Proofs Ads at ALEC Meetings

“Controversial” could be used to describe the 2002 campaign gubernatorial radio ad about my Personal Protection proposal. It was modeled off an NRA TV ad I saw in 1992 Traverse City at an American Legislative Exchange Council convention.

It featured a woman calling 911 saying, “Someone’s breaking into my home.”

The 911 operator asks typical questions as the woman shouts, “He’s in the house.”

She hangs up the phone and the listener hears her running upstairs.

He goes into her bedroom, slams the door and pushes some furniture in front of it.

She calls 911 again.

“He’s coming up the stairs. Help!

The 911 operator asks the same questions again.

“He’s breaking down the door.”

Then a shot rings out.

The announcer says, “When the police can’t get there soon enough, you need Cal Skinner’s Personal Protection Plan.” Then, “Cal Skinner for Governor. Change you can believe in.”
Published by Cal Skinner 12/14/12
To make an editorial point
And, yes he did that!!

Another editorial this morning worth noting

In addition, this morning – you have this from John Nicholsat the Nation
How ALEC Thwarts Honest Debate About Gun Violence
John Nichols on December 16, 2012 - 12:12 AM ET

It is easy to blame the National Rifle Association.

But is important to go beyond “easy” and understand that the NRA never walks alone. Reasonable people may have reasonable differences about how, when, where and whether to address the concerns Miller raises with regard to sales of assault weapons and ammunition.

 A short read
Read the whole thing

And ALEC is right by their side - pushing NRA legislation.

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