Saturday, December 15, 2012

NRA Does Not Speak for America

Really good write-up on Common Dreams

Here’s some snips – great statistics – a good read.

The NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Has the Blood of Connecticut Children on His Hands
A resume covered in red
by Peter Dreier

The blood of the 26 victims of the Connecticut shooting, including 20 young children, is on LaPierre's hands. Of course, LaPierre didn't pull the trigger, but he's the NRA's hit man when it comes to intimidating elected officials to oppose any kind of gun control and the nation's most vocal advocate of gun owner rights.

There should be special place in hell reserved for LaPierre. He likes to fulminate about gun owners' rights. But so far he's has been silent on the nation's most recent gun massacre.

Although the NRA likes to portray itself as representing grassroots gun owners, the bulk of its money comes from gun manufacturers.  LaPierre does not speak for America's gun owners. He is a corporate lobbyist.  In fact, a majority of gun owners support stricter gun laws.

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