Monday, December 10, 2012

OMG! We will Cease to Be!!!

Thank god for gay marriage!!!

Found a great page tonight with a very young Bill Moyers.

In this clip from a 1980 episode of Bill Moyers Journal, Moyers speaks to televangelist Jerry Falwell at a gathering of fundamentalist Christians in Dallas, Texas. The group, most of them ministers, had convened to discuss how to mobilize their congregations for political action. Moyers asks Falwell and some members of his audience how they feel about the Equal Rights Amendment, the proposed amendment to the Constitution which would have guaranteed equal rights for women, had it passed.

I'm not so interested in the religion based woman bashing in this 4 minute clip - mostly the last minute of the clip. But it is worth it to watch the whole thing.

Evidently gays gettting married
is going to cause some kind of an automatic
widespread sterilization of Republican heterosexuals.

We will cease to be.
In one generation
Well – damn!

Nutcase Republican heterosexuals will go sterile
and cease to be
in one generation.

Thank god! for same sex marriages.


And these nutcases have been listening to this crap for over 30 years.
And believing it!

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