Monday, December 3, 2012

These ALEC-ers Aren't In Kansas Anymore

Welcoming Kansas Legislators to Washington

On Thursday I welcomed a group of Kansas state legislators visiting Washington to attend the Kansas American Legislative Exchange Council annual conference. I met with the group on the steps of the United States Capitol and enjoyed visiting with some of our state’s long serving public officials. I was also glad to have the opportunity to introduce myself to some of Kansas’ newly elected legislators. The group included Senators Ray Merrick, Julia Lynn, Garrett Love, Mary Pilcher Cook, Chris Steineger; Representatives Mike O’Neal, Tom Arpke, Arlen Siegfreid, Lance Kinzer, Rob Bruchman, Joe Seiwert, Pete DeGraaf, John Rubin, Scott Schwab, Peggy Mast, Mario Goico, Senators Elect Jeff Melcher and Steve Fitzgerald; Representatives Elect Jerry Lunn, Travis Couture Lovelady, J.R. Claeys, Willie Dove, Shanti Gandhi, and Josh Powell.
KANSAS ALEC-ers - Washington DC 2012

the "Kansas American Legislative Exchange Council annual confernece'

I wonder if these legislators who had their trip to Washington DC bankrolled by corporations, in order to pick up legislation written by the same corporations are feeling any sense of conflict of interest.
Probably not!

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