Sunday, December 23, 2012

ALEC Policy - FAILS - AGAIN!!!!

I am going to have to find a different title - didn't realize it at the time - but this is the second ALEC philosophy implementation failure reported in less than a week and I used the same title.

From the Daily Kos
The Wisconsin State Journal reported over the weekend that a private company hired by the Scott Walker administration to provide janitorial services in the state capitol building has been fired - for damaging the expensive marble floors in the building.

    State officials have fired a cleaning company they believe may have damaged or stained marble floors in the Capitol, said Wisconsin Department of Administration spokeswoman Stephanie Marquis.

    The damage appears to have occurred when a cleaning solution or other liquid leaked from a floor-scrubbing machine operated by the contractor, Marquis said.

Prior to the Walker administration, cleaning of the capitol facilities was performed by unionized state employees with years of expertise in cleaning and maintaining the unusual and delicate stones.

And then you have this:

After Scott Walker came to power in Wisconsin, he fired unionized state workers that were trained how to properly clean the marble floors at the Wisconsin State Capitol. The State of Wisconsin solicited bids from eight private cleaning firms, seven of which were based in Wisconsin and one of which was based in Illinois, for janitorial services at the Wisconsin State Capitol. The Illinois-based firm, Peterson Cleaning, won the contract.

Peterson Cleaning is owned by Jeremy Henry, who is possibly related to Chad Henry, a longtime associate of Scott Walker.

Who do ALEC legislators (active and laums) relaly wrok for?
Their business buddies or the public who they are actually elected to serve?

The ALEC policy agenda.
    Privatization of public services
    Destruction of unions.
The ALEC policy agenda.

Unionized state janitorial services – GONE
Privatization – DONE

Marble floor that was wonderfully maintained by unionized state employees for decades – RUINED

The unionized state employees took pride in what they did.
They cared about THEIR capitol – they took pride in THEIR capitol building.

Private firms – don’t care
about anything
but getting paid, making money – profits.

And now the taxpayers will have to dish out more $$$$ to fix another ALEC initiated profit-sector problem.

Scott Walker has implemented just about everything ALEC wants.  Not only is he a failure, he is living proof that the privatization and anti-union stance of the American Legislative Exchange Council if a consistent failure.

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