Wednesday, December 5, 2012

GA Public Radio WSB - Hires ALEC Right WIng Extremist

This announcement is major scary:
Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers (R-Woodstock) announced Tuesday that he is stepping down from his Senate seat to take a position with Georgia Public Broadcasting, WSB reports. Rogers, who worked in broadcasting prior to his 2002 election to the state House, will assume a position working on combining Georgia businesses with public education. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that among Rogers' new duties will be hosting a weekly radio show on economic development.

Because if you listen to public radio you are hearing more extremist right wing interviews on there.  Thom Hartmann even noted one day that he no longer listens to public radio as much as he use to, because of the right-wing influence.  Public radio is bringing on spokespersons from Heartland and Reason and Heritage and letting them speak forever and ever and NEVER once saying that the speaker is from a conservative think tank – screwing with the listeners brains.

Anyway – back to Rogers:
This guy is the treasurer of the American Legislative Exchange Council
“weekly radio show on economic development.”
That's scary!!!!!!!
Georgia Public Broadcasting???
Public broadcasting typically has not been extremist right wing radio.
AND this guy is an extremist.
The fact that they hired him.
That's scary!!!!!!!

The Georgia Republican leader who organized an October lecture for GOP lawmakers in which a birther activist said that President Barack Obama and the United Nations are using "mind-control" to implement a sustainability agenda is resigning from the state Senate.

In the workshop, Field Searcy, a birther activist who was expelled from the Georgia Tea Party, claimed that Obama and the U.N. were using "mind-control" to implement the program.

The fact that they hired him, KNOWING THIS
That's scary!!!!!!! 

People in Georgia – someone, a group of you, have got to keep an ear on this guy and call and complain – loudly and often – when he starts moving into extremist right-wing ALEC-speak.

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