Tuesday, December 11, 2012

ALEC is To Blame!

Everywhere we turn – we see the destruction and havoc that ALEC and ALEC legislators are perpetrating on the USA.  In every state – on every topic –the fingerprint of ALEC is there - ALEC legislators armed with ALEC  “model legislation” can be directly related to the damage being done to our society, to our people.

                 Below is a column written by the
                 former executive director of the Georgia Republican Party
                 worked for Paul Coverdell in the Georgia Senate
                 worked for state GOP
                 A former private school teacher
Here is a guest column by Lee Raudonis, former executive director of the Georgia Republican Party. He also worked for Paul Coverdell in the Georgia Senate, state GOP and U.S. Peace Corps. A former private school teacher,   
To better understand what I mean, think about the terms “public housing,” “public hospital,” and “public school.”

“public housing,”
For most people, the term “public housing” conjures up images of low cost, government-subsidized housing for people with little or no income who cannot afford to buy or rent their own homes.

“public hospital,”
Similarly, the term “public hospital” is commonly used to refer to publicly funded hospitals that primarily serve those members of society who have little or no income or private health insurance.

“public school.”
It is the place where children from the lowest income level to some in the highest income level, and the vast majority in between, come to learn how to read, write, and calculate,   


“public school.”
The time has come for the neo-radicals to reveal their true intent for each new “school choice” initiative they bring forward. It is only fair that members of the public understand that each neo-rad measure passed takes them one step closer to their goal of redefining public education.

The question that the neo-rads don’t want the public asking, however, is where all of the neo-rad changes, if enacted, will eventually lead.

They want the public to believe that each new proposal provides just one little way to increase parental choice.

They do not want the public to know that all of the proposals, taken as a whole, could lead to the creation of a new public welfare program called “public schools.”

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Republican, Lee Raudonis, wants them to be truthful about their intent.

Republican, Lee Raudonis, refers to “them” as NEO-RADICALS.

He can't mention names - he doesn't need to mention names - we know he is writing about the American Legislative Exchange Council.  Why?  Because ALEC is the only radical, extremist right-wing organization that trains their followers in the introduction and distribution of the type of radical, extremist right-wing legislation Raudonis is referring to.  Because - it is ALEC "model legislation" he is talking about.

The Republican think tanks, can talk and write as much as they want.
The think tanks can publish as much as they want as often as they want – but they are unable to make anything happen with print media.
The think tanks can be on every TV show spouting their extremist views, but they are unable to make anything happen with talk.
The Republican think tanks, can talk and write about it all they want 
- but they can not get anything done - without ALEC.

It is ALEC that puts everything into action.
It is ALEC that sends their army of ALEC legislative soldiers into the battlefield of the USA armed with ALEC “model legislation” to wage war against every segment of American life.

ALEC is the machine of destruction.
No other extremist right wing organization has access to state legislators and “model legislation” to pass out to those legislators to introduce & enact, EXCEPT ALEC.

It is the time for the American people to make a turn when it comes to ALEC.
We can no longer focus only on “exposing ALEC”

We need to start placing BLAME on ALEC.  BLAME for the ongoing weakening and destruction of historically acceptable and viable systems and processes of our country  - caused by ALEC “model legislation”, ALEC legislators - devastation caused by the American Legislative Exchange Council.

We can no longer allow ALEC to appear blameless in these situations. 
ALEC facilitates this change.
ALEC hands out the legislation that causes this type of change.
ALEC advertises THEIR successes in this and other types of change.
ALEC proudly announces the successes of their legislators.
ALEC is proud of their accomplishments.

As citizens WE KNOW that ALEC is behind this.
The American Legislative Exchange Council is to blame.  It is their fault and only their fault that this has occurred.

Without the orchestration of the American Legislative Exchange Council none of this horrendous legislation would have proliferated the way it has.  We can see it over and over and over again – in state after state after state – “model legislation” after “model legislation”.  And there is only ONE, only ONE factor that is the cause of this – ALEC.

EVERY state must live in constant vigilance and FEAR - awaiting the onslaught of ALEC legislation that will destroy their way of life and the economy in their state.

Therefore as a society – we can point to only one undeniable  factor that is causing the disruption of our life as we know it and it is ALEC.  The radical, extremist right wing "model legislation" of ALEC - and the radical, extremist right wing legislators of ALEC.

The American Legislative Exchange Council is to BLAME!

UPDATE – 12/16/12
Thom Hartmann took this editorial a step further with an article posted on Alternet

Education is a recession-proof industry that will always be in high demand. The corporate money-changers know if they can get their hands on this industry, "reform" it to replace decently-paid teachers and faculty with McTeachers, and then get taxpayers to foot the bill, quarterly profits and lavish bonuses for CEOs can explode.  Even in so-called "non-profit" charter schools, management can make big bucks.

And that’s exactly what Georgia’s Constitutional Amendment 1 accomplishes. Expect similar amendments to pop up in other state elections in the near future.

This is a major shot in the multigenerational war on public education part of our commons.

Ultimately, as more states pass charter school amendments like Georgia, and money is sucked out of public schools, then public schools will meet the same fate as the rest of the ghettoized public institutions in America.

Read the whole thing

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