Friday, May 4, 2012

ALEC - 5/11 Their Private Legislation Session

Thank God for Businessweek.
The article they published earlier this week about ALEC lying to them finally fell off the search feeds lst night about midnight -  after days of exposure and now they issue another ALEC article.

This  new article is pretty good read for those of you who are still learning about ALEC.

This one has to do with next week’s MEETING in CHARLOTTE NC.  The Task Force Summit Meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).  

Task Force Summit Meeting
The meeting where ALEC sets the agendas and approves legislation to be passed in YOUR legislature next fall.

Some of the best snips are (my bullet format):
ALEC is registered with the IRS as a nonprofit that provides a public service, not as a lobbyist that seeks to influence.

This offers two benefits:
·        Corporate members can deduct yearly dues, which run up to $25,000—more if they want to sponsor meetings; and
·        ALEC doesn’t have to disclose the names of legislators and executives who attend.
That’s important,
·        because if ALEC operated with complete openness it would have difficulty operating at all.
·        ALEC has attracted a wide and wealthy range of supporters in part because it’s done its work behind closed doors.
·        Membership lists were secret.
·        The origins of the model bills were secret.
·        Part of ALEC’s mission is to present industry-backed legislation as grass-roots work.
·        If this were to become clear to everyone, there’d be no reason for corporations to use it.


If you can, please PROTEST ALEC – 
Charlotte NC
May  11
The Westin Charlotte Hotel
601 S College St
Charlotte, NC 2820
Be careful folks - ALEC corporate profit sector members pay for very nasty and extreme security.

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