Saturday, May 12, 2012

ALEC - Destroying More Consumer Protections

This morning on the #Alec tweet there was this question:
Oh, ALEC.  Why do AG’s scare you so much?

The story behind this is from a report yesterday by NPR that noted - don't skim this snip, please read it!:
CORNISH: So the conference is closed, but do you have any idea then what kind of model legislation they're talking about today?

OVERBY: Yeah, one proposal is called the ALEC Attorney General Authority Act. And to really boil it down, it would give state legislatures more power to tell attorneys general when they can and cannot file lawsuits. Just for example, it says the attorneys general's client is the state, not necessarily the people of the state.

This bill comes from a law firm in Mississippi. One of the firm's clients is a big utility company, Entergy. And in Mississippi the Democratic attorney general has a three-year lawsuit going against Entergy. His question is whether Entergy manipulated prices and overcharged consumers. So this seems like the kind of case that could be reined in by the ALEC Attorney General Authority Act.

ALEC continues to pass their heinous “model” legislation under the assumption that states will be governed by “ALEC state legislatures”.
We have to make sure that ALL ALEC members are not re-elected and no more ALEC members are put into our state legislatures.

From the webpage of the Minnesota Attorney General:
The Office is the state’s chief policy maker and law enforcer in the important areas of consumer protection, antitrust enforcement and charities’ regulation. The Office is also responsible for representing residential and small business utility consumers through participation in matters before the Public Utilities Commission.

Oh, ALEC.  Why do AG’s scare you so much?

We already know that ALEC's Corporate Profit sector members hate anything that protects the consumer - all you have to do is look at the ALEC Tort Reform agenda being introduced across the United States.

Could it be because ALEC's "charity" status is being challenged?

Could it be because ALEC is paid by corporations to provide a government of, by and for the corporations?
If we let ALEC win - we will lose representation of, by, and for the people.

Another anti-democratic move by ALEC to screw the citizens and pay back their corporate profit sector members - that fund 98%+ of ALEC operations.

The real question is: 
ALEC Corporate Profit Sector Members: 
How much did you pay for the introduction of the ALEC attorney General Authority Act at the ALEC meeting?

The USA – The best government ALEC corporations can buy.
Sponsored by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).


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