Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Two Step ALEC Action Item

I ran into a blog entry last year out of Iowas where the blogger had emailed someone and found out that Iowa AUTOMATICALLY registers ALL legislators as ALEC MEMBERS unless the legislator "opts out".

Recently in a couple of blog entries there has been a notation from legislators that they didn't know that they were members of ALEC.

Today I saw another entry where a legislator asked that the state quit paying her dues "automatically".

A pattern is starting to emerge.

A pattern that we,  as responsible citizens - need to stop.

Is your state "automatically" paying for memberships to ALEC?
Is your state"automatically" renewing ALEC memberships?

How much is your state REALLY paying directly to ALEC?
Are your tax dollars being used to fund ALEC?

If you can not contact your legislator or state senator and ask them to give you an answer on these questions  - you will need to figure out who has the answer you need and go after them.

You have the right to know this - cause we are talking about your tax dollars.

You can then ask legislators to "opt out" of the state renewals to ALEC
You can request that the rules be re-written so that legislators HAVE TO REQUEST that payment be made on their behalf to the right wing extremist organization - ALEC.

With tax dollars in short supply for state use
With people losing their jobs because state dollars are in short supply
We should not be funding a clearly partisan - right wing extremist organization like the American Legislative Exchange Council with dwindling tax dollars.

We don't (knowingly) use tax dollars, "automatically" out of our state treasuries, to pay for legislators to belong to other right wing extremist organizations such as the Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute,  Eagle Forum or Americans for Prosperity 
- why should we be paying for them to belong to the PARTISAN right wing extremist organization, ALEC?

Fiscally responsible citizens will say NO! to use of state monies for funding of PARTISAN right wing organizations such as ALEC.

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