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More LIES Surrounding ALEC

If you didn’t get a chance to check out Part One of the new report by CMD that was released today – you should.

Here’s a snip to get you interested.
Koch Industries has vigorously defended ALEC, and has assailed reporting that noted that the company, led by billionaire brothers Charles and David, is a long-time funder and leader of ALEC and that ALEC has long advanced the NRA agenda through "model" gun bills, including Florida's controversial SYG law that was ratified by ALEC in 2005.

It turns out that Koch was a member of that ALEC task force in recent years, and that it was on the task force when the NRA was the private sector co-chair.  Moreover, Koch Industries had not one but two employees who were listed as “members” present for ALEC's "Public Safety and Elections" Task Force at the last annual task force summit.

Read the whole thing  >>>>HERE<<<<

Koch has vigourously defended ALEC - eh?
Well, yeh - they have too much time and money invested to watch one of their pet projects go down the toilet.

The interesting thing about this is that they were serving on the most horrendous committee to date -  the Voter ID and Kill at Will Committee.

Koch and their emissaries have not been absent in the development of ALEC.
I went through some ALEC documents and found these little tidbits of history to help you navigate through the Koch infested American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

Koch Industries, Inc.

1993 Annual Meeting
ALEC's Private Sector Members
Koch Industries, Inc.

The American Legislative Exchange Council would like to express its appreciation
to Koch Industries Inc., for its generous financial support of the

1995 Private Enterprise Board
Mr. Daniel J. Zaloudek,
Koch Industries. Inc.

National Task Force on Energy Environment and Natural ' Resources
Dr. Richard Fink, Koch Industries. Inc.

1995 States and Nations Booklet
1995 Private Enterprise Board
Mr. Michael K. Morgan
Koch Industries

The 1995 Adam Smith Free Enterprise Award was awarded to Charles and David Koch. Here David Koch accepts the award from Ronald F. Scheberle, GTE, Chairman of ALEC's Private Enterprise Board

Photo Caption
Charles G. Koch giving his acceptance speech for the Adam Smith Free Enterprise Award

ALEC Leaders in the States
Mr. Michael M. Morgan  Koch Industries inc.
ALEC Private Enterprise Board and
ALEC Private Sector Chair

1996 Joint Board Meeting
December 4, 1996
Private Sector   Mr. Mike Morgan, Koch Industries

1996 Joint Board Meeting
MAY 30, 1996
Private Enterprise Members
Mr. Michael Morgan, Koch Industries, Inc .

Victoria Hughes, of the Koch Foundation, was also appointed to the Council .

Denning thanked : a loan with favor from KOCH, a loan from E&M Charities, and a RJR Grant.

1996 Business Plan
1997 Private Enterprise Board
Mr. Michael Morgan, Koch Industries

March 21, 1997
Private Sector Members:
Mr. Alan Cobb, Koch Industries - for Mike Morgan

Cooper said ALEC's primary goal for the year is to achieve financial security . She
thanked Philip Morris, RJR, and UPS for their critical gifts above their usual contribution
level. She also thanked Koch Industries and E&M Charities for their loans .

Auger announced the new Private Enterprise Officers, as follows : Chairman Al Auger,
First Vice Chair Mike Morgan of Koch Industries,

Cooper said this Council was created in September and includes the Private Enterprise and Public Chairs, up to five private members, all previous public chairs serving on the Board, and legislative members . Cooper said that in December she appointed herself as Chair, Rep. Dale VanVyven (OH) as Vice Chair, and the following legislative members : Sen. Ray Powers, Speaker Harold Brubaker, Sen . Owen Johnson, and Sen . Bill Raggio . She also appointed Mr . Al Auger and Ms . Victoria Hughes of Koch Industries .

1997 Annual Meeting Materials
Louisiana Host Committee
Private Sector
Andy McGinn Koch Oil Company

Private Enterprise Board
Michael Morgan
Koch Industries Inc.

ALEC Private Sector Members.
Koch Industries

Annual Meeting Sponsors
Koch Foundation

1998 Annual Business Plan
First Vice Chair     Michael K. Morgan, Koch Industries

1998 National Chairman's Council
Victoria Hughes, Charles G . Koch Charitable

The long-term liabilities total $700,000 and include $440,000 to the Koch Foundation,

2000 Annual Report
Michael Morgan
Private Enterprise Board Chairman
Koch Industries

2001 Annual Report
Michael K.Morgan
Private Enterprise
Board Chairman
Koch Industries

2002 National Chairman
Oklahoma Senator Jim Dunlap
Private Enterprise Board Chairman
Michael K. Morgan, Koch Industries

Inside ALEC – April 2007 Article
What Price, Government?  Michigan’s Financial Crisis: A Case Study
By Brian Balfour and Michael LaFaive
Brian Balfour is a policy analyst for the Charles G. Koch
Charitable Foundation in Washington, D.C.

Inside ALEC September 2008 – Photo Caption
Mike Morgan of Koch Industries and a member of ALEC Private Enterprise Board of Directors displays his musical skills at the ALEC Board Dinner.

2011 Annual Meeting
Louisiana Host Committee
Georgia Pacific / Koch
George Guidry

Vice Chairman Level Conference Sponsorship
2010 rate was $25,000
Koch Industries

2011 Task Force Members (as reported in CMD special Report)

Private Sector (16)
Public Safety & Elections Task Force
Jenny Kim, Koch Companies Public Sector

Private Sector (16)
Public Safety & Elections Task Force
Jessie Rager, Koch Companies Public Sector

State Registration of Charitable Organization
Executed on January 6, 2012
Private Enterprise Board
Mr. Michael Morgan, Koch Companies

Yep - Long-Term Infestation

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