Friday, May 18, 2012

Koch's Lawyer Whines on Bashir

Gotta ask – just in case
Did you see Koch’s lawyer on Bashir yesterday?

The reason I ask is that people assume everyone has cable.
People assume that all we do all day is watch MSNBC.
People don’t realize that some of us can’t afford cable and some of us have to work during the day.
I do know this, I live this - so I post this here for others.


Koch’s legal representative was on Bashir yesterday.
You can watch it >>>>>>here<<<<<<<
Koch Bros. Lawyer Faces Off Against Martin Bashir: Treatment Of Kochs In ‘Far-Left Media’ Is ‘Irresponsible’

The poor old Koch’s – each making $42 Billion a year and spending that money on extremist right wing organizations and then sending their lawyer to whine for them when Americans gets pissed off at them.

Lawyer is basically saying – the Koch’s haven’t done anything except give money to causes.
Money is speech – the money came from the Koch’s pocket – the Koch’s have spoken through their money - therefore the Koch’s are responsible

Lawyer is basically saying – people hate the Koch’s and because of that they feel threatened.
Boo Hoo

Lawyer is saying Koch brothers get death threats
Koch money that puts extremist legislators / legislation into the state and federal government that has already killed a lot of American citizens and will kill more.  My brother is constantly in danger of dying because of Koch-funded Scott Walkers cuts in Wisconsin.  Kids are going to die because of right-wing extremist cuts to WIC and SNAP.  Kids are going to die because of right-wing extremist cuts to healthcare programs.

Lawyer is saying – We are mean to the Koch brothers.
You get what you reap a$$holes.

The whole thing just makes me sick –
Two of the richest people in the United State – who benefit every day from what the United States gives them through resources and labor – doing everything they can to destroy the US government.

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