Sunday, May 20, 2012

Repug Budget Plan - What Wasn't on TV This Morning

The “new” Republican plan is more of the OLD  Republican plan.

Suck up to the rich.
Stick it to the middle class and porr.

This morning on TV all they were talking about was military cuts – Yeh – not in our lifetime if the Repugs are supporting it.

The reason they are trying to get the public behind them by talking about military cuts – is because on TV this morning – the Repugs DID NOT talk about these parts of the budget bill.

A few snips from the article carried across the United States originally published by Reuters (my emphasis).

They're hoping that the November 6 elections will help put their budget plans in play by putting Romney in the White House,

Democratic leaders say that although it's unclear precisely how such a plan would affect each taxpayer, it almost certainly would unfairly squeeze the middle class, have little impact on reducing a federal debt expected to top $16 trillion this year, and become a giveaway to the wealthy.

while getting some of the roughly 45 percent of Americans who now pay no income taxes to start paying. Most of those people aren't required to pay because they are poor, or are able to claim enough deductions to eliminate their tax bills.

Among the deductions that Camp's committee is examining are those that Americans enjoy for contributions to 401(k) and other retirement savings accounts.

plan to lower the top federal tax rate from 35 percent - most likely to the 25 percent called
God yes – we should lower the tax rate for the 1%.  Damn right – make sure they get their Bush tax cuts extended also.
Hell, why don’t we just let them live in the US free and mooch off our natural resources, mooch off our roads and airports for free – provide them with knowledgeable labor educated in shrinking public schools for free – nanny their kids for them for free – buy their food for them, and pay for their vacations out of taxpayer dollars.

And this is NOT on the tax deduction cuts agenda
ending or limiting the mortgage interest deduction on second homes for high-income earners, and likely would support doing the same for state income and property tax deductions.
God forbid, we should make the rich pony up more money for their vacation cabin in the gated community in the Poconos or their lake home in a gated community on what use to be a public access lake.

1% wins again
Middle and Lower Class get screwed - AGAIN

Folks - wake up - the Republicans are not supporting you.
BTW - Under a Republican agenda - you will NEVER be rich - just in case you are thinking you might. The Republicans don't want your sorry ass (or mine) being rich and if you think otherwise, you are a fool.  The Republicans want us to be serfs serving the 1% - The Republicans want us to be living in ghettos - while the 1% enjoy the riches of the US.  Face it folks - the Repugs hate us.

The Republican plan does not ever change.

Protect their rich benefactors.
Screw the public that actually pays their salary through, ummmmm – taxes.

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