Sunday, May 20, 2012

House - Killing Jobs to get XL Pipeline Approved (Again)

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NRDC: “House leadership creating roadblocks instead of creating jobs.”
WASHINGTON - May 18 - The House of Representatives today passed a back-door attempt that would force lawmakers to approve the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline as part of an unrelated transportation bill - once again holding the legislation for improving our roads, bridges and public transit hostage to partisan ideology.

The following is a statement from Natural Resources Defense Council Legislative Director Scott Slesinger after the House passed a motion to instruct transportation bill conferees to include a tar sands pipeline provision in final legislation:

“Instead of working to approve a bipartisan transportation bill that would improve daily life in communities around the country while creating jobs, the House voted to dig in its heels and keep pushing to add a provision that would kill the transportation legislation.

“This is just another case of the House leadership creating roadblocks instead of creating jobs.
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And take time to read the articles that will educate you on how the XL Pipeline is:
Killing more jobs than it creates
Tar Sands oil is the dirtiest oil on the planet
Canadian tar sands oil would be exported
LOTS of factual information on this page with links to FACTUAL documentation.

The XL Pipeline is NOT about meeting the energy needs of the US
Don't ever forget that!!!!
It is about CORPORATE Greed and Profit!
Keystone XL would have diverted Canadian oil from refineries in the Midwest to the Gulf Coast where it could be refined and exported. Many of these refineries are in Foreign Trade Zones where oil may be exported to international buyers without paying U.S. taxes.

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