Thursday, May 3, 2012

ALEC Promotes Tinkle Down Economics

There was a pretty good entry written regarding the economics of “Rich State Poor States’ report published by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).  I hate to see good writing and serious thought overlooked, so I share this with you.

From the comments of the article noted below:
Tinkle (not a mis-spelling) down economics has clearly not worked in the past.

I would really suggest that you take five minutes to read the whole article and think about it.
Educating ourselves about ALEC - that's what it is all about.
Educating ourselves not only about what ALEC does 
- but also knowing how they spin facts into ALEC propaganda.

Sometimes – we just read and accept 
– and with ALEC propaganda 
– we need to learn to read and critique.

A few snips:
  ….  these economics.
 It’s like quantum physics – don’t even try to understand it. Just listen to the experts.

In this case, one of those experts is ALEC  … 

Does this suggest that ALEC’s formula – low taxes equal economic prosperity – is somehow incorrect? Does it suggest that, even by its own measure, low taxes alone do not magically produce booming economies? That low-tax wonderlands like Idaho, Wyoming and Utah – where incomes are as low, relatively, as the taxes – are not universal models of economic health? That the pat anti-tax phrases – the eminently repeatable lines – are not actually supported by even the cherry-picked facts in the report?

Is that what you think? Perhaps you just don’t understand.


On the ALEC webpage they advertise that this years edition of the Rich States Poor States report is the Fifth Anniversary Edition.

Based on the comment I noted above maybe ALEC should advertise it as:
Rich States, Poor States: The Tinkle Down Economics Edition

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