Thursday, May 3, 2012

MN Postal Workers Reduced to Junk Mail

I am so incredibly sick of the war on terror.
I am sick of the crap we have to deal with at the airports.

And now this.....

From Yahoo/Kare11

Minneapolis - St. Paul, MN on
Postal workers to visit metro homes in terrorism drill

MINNEAPOLIS - Workers with the U.S. Postal Service will deliver empty pill bottles to homes in the metro area Sunday in a drill to test how well they can deliver medicine in the event of a terror attack.

The Postal Service and the Minnesota Department of Health are announcing details of the drill Thursday.

It's the country's first full-scale test for postal workers to distribute medicine in case of an anthrax outbreak or other medical emergency. Plans for similar practice runs are in the works in Boston, San Diego, Philadelphia and Louisville, Ky.

The drill will take place Sunday in parts of Minneapolis, St. Paul, Golden Valley, Crystal and Robbinsdale. Volunteers and police officers will handle the delivery. The Health Department says more than 300 volunteers are trained for the task.

What a f#cking waste of time!
I'd like to tell them (MN D of H & DHS)  where they can shove their empty pill bottles.

Cause - if it ever came to this
The postal service would NOT be making home deliveries.
Another piece of "security theatre".

At that point -  should it happen
The best plan is put your head between your legs and ki$$ your a$$ good-bye. 

They should be teaching all citizens how to do that!!!

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