Thursday, May 31, 2012

WalMart DUMPS Alec

When one of the nastiest companies (when it comes to just about everything except price) in the United States "suspended their membership" with  ALEC - you know there is somthing terribly wrong with the American Legislative Exchange council (ALEC).

In April, ALEC said it was abandoning the committee that worked on "public safety and elections" to focus on the economy. Despite the change, Wal-Mart decided it was no longer focused on the same issues as the council.
"Previously, we expressed our concerns about ALEC's decision to weigh in on issues that stray from its core mission 'to advance the Jeffersonian principles of free markets,'" Maggie Sans, Wal-Mart vice president of public affairs and government relations, said in a May 30 letter addressed to ALEC's national chairman and executive director.
"We feel that the divide between these activities and our purpose as a business has become too wide. To that end, we are suspending our membership in ALEC."

I'm leery of the sincerity of this - but today, I will gladly accept it.
Wal-Mart's announcement comes as it grapples with recent allegations of bribery at its Mexican unit and a management decision to squelch an investigation -- a likely subject at the annual shareholders meeting on Friday.

ALEC used WalMart as a member in their 2011 media kit to get new members.

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