Thursday, May 3, 2012


There continues to be a trickle of Democrats that are allegedly dumping ALEC.
Yesterday when surfing I found the webpage for Bold Progressives – Progressive Change Campaign Committee and they have a  page that states that 49 Dems are still ALEC members.

The thing I found frustrating is that all the Dems names aren’t listed.

This is important information – because I think we should have the right to confront these people about their ALEC membership – before we blindly offer our support to them in the next election.  I think we need to make sure all of them sign a "NO MORE ALEC” pledge – before we can even think about supporting them.

To me – it doesn’t matter if there is a D or an R behind their name – ALEC members are secretive and liars and not to be trusted.  ALEC members KNOW exactly how ALEC is trying to screw the United States and they have ALL stood back and let it happen.

Anyway – some interesting clips in two articles yesterday about Dems that DUMPED ALEC (my emphasis) .

Sen. John J. Tassoni Jr. (D-Dist. 22, Smithfield, North Smithfield) has contacted the General Assembly’s Joint Committee on Legislative Services, asking that his name be removed from the list of state legislators who are enrolled as members of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

 I’m not sure how I became a member, but having learned recently about the enormous amount of corporate funding for the group and corporate influence on the group, I have decided to terminate my membership and have sent that specific request to JCLS,” said Senator Tassoni. (JCLS is responsible for the internal financial and personnel operations of the General Assembly.)

Senator Tassoni said he is supportive of organizations – such as the National Conference on State Legislatures – that facilitate the legislative process through meetings and conferences and a robust exchange of ideas. “ALEC, it seems, is not about an exchange of ideas but rather about pushing the self-serving ideas of corporations and rich, powerful interests. I have no desire to be associated with that kind of organization.”

And then one line from another article about Tassoni quitting:
The website RI Future reported last week that 20 percent of General Assembly legislators are members. Most said they didn't know much about the group but joined because Rep. Jon Brien, a Democrat on the national board, asked them to.

Automatically became members – because someone asked them – signed up for something they had no idea what it was – looking for the goodies that ALEC promises those poor ol’ neglected state legislators.

The state paying for the memberships.  I assume automatically paying for them.   
YOUR TAX $$’s being used to support ALEC extremist agenda.
How many more states are using YOUR TAX $$'s to fund the extremist agendas of ALEC.

I’m starting to think that we need to start handing out awards instead of our votes.

AWARD to Dems who are/were members of ALEC:
I Hate the DNC Award.

AWARD to states that fund ALEC dues:
I Hate the Democratic Republic of the USA Award

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