Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Why WalMart Loves ALEC

An article was posted yesterday that pulls together a lot of different reasons why companies choose to belong to and stay with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).  

While this article specifically looks at WalMart - it can pretty much be universally applied  to all ALEC  profit sector companies - who need and want a cheapo workforce.

Here’s Snips – YOU REALLY ought to read the whole thing.

Throughout their membership in ALEC Walmart has helped write and sponsor specific legislation that benefited their bottom line, regardless of the impact upon workers, consumers or voters.

Wisconsin has tracked Walmart for years on labor issues in WI., the US and their foreign subsidiaries.

That is the game they chose to play – and ALEC the team they played for.  What some are not aware of is that ALEC wrote important legislation in the mid-1990′s that Walmart also took advantage of.  This legislation is titled the Prison Industries Act.  Under this legislation (already adopted in more than 30 states nationwide) private companies can have access to prisoners as a labor or workforce (under this model bill, agricultural products and services are exempt from wage requirements).

Last year when one of Walmart’s favorite “sons”, Gov. Scott Walker proudly signed anti-worker Right-To-Work (for less) legislation into law, public sector workers were immediately replaced with prisoners in Racine.  With or without the right-to-work-for-less legislation in place, many states have begun replacing public and private workers with prisoners; Georgia, Alabama, Washington state and Arizona.

This is the new Labor policy in America, brought to us by Walmart, ALEC, 2,000 state lawmakers and 500 other U.S. Corporations.  They want to; lock ‘em up, use them for cheap or free labor to displace American public and private sector workers so they can rid themselves of Unions and any form of organized labor.

And you wonder why ALEC does what they do and why they are nasty as they are
- for their Corporate Profit Members, of course.

YOU REALLY ought to read the whole article

"An informed citizenry is the only true repository of the public will." Thomas Jefferson

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