Thursday, May 3, 2012

MAY - Move Your Money Month

By Travis Waldron posted from ThinkProgress Economy on May 2, 2012 at 3:05 pm
Activists from the 99 Percent Movement took to the streets across America to mark May Day on Tuesday, but their campaign against Wall Street is just beginning. In the month of May, activist groups and religious leaders will again turn their focus to urging customers to move their money from Wall Street banks.

Throughout the month, a diverse group of activists will push customers to move their money from Wall Street to community banks and credit unions, according to a press release from New Bottom Line, an organizing group that has dubbed May “Move Our Money Month”:

    On May 9, thousands of people associated with the 99% Power Movement — families facing foreclosure, clergy, students, seniors, environmentalists, and others — will descend on Bank of America’s shareholder meeting in Charlotte, NC to urge the bank to keep families in their homes, pay its fair share of taxes, and stop choking democracy through massive campaign contributions

I moved my money – have you?????

If your money is still in the big banks - you are now part of the problem.
Be part of the solution - move your money.

May “Move Our Money Month”

7,107 – Number of Occupiers Arrested for Waking Up America
ZERO – the number of banksters arrested for destroying our economy.

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