Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The ALEC Double Standard

This Act requires labor organizations to establish separate funds for political purposes, establishes registration for the fund, establishes certain criminal provisions governing a labor organization's political activities, and prohibits its employees from authorizing automatic payroll deductions for contributions to a labor organization's political committee or fund except through an explicit, signed statement
Employee Rights Reform Act
The purpose of this act is to: 1) limit the amount of compelled agency fees which may be exacted from public employees as a condition of continued employment; 2) provide public employees compelled to pay agency fees as a condition of continued employment with an expeditious way to protect their rights to their pro rata share of union expenditures; and 3) minimize litigation over the appropriate share of union dues that is allocated to collective bargaining, contract administration, and grievance adjustment; provided, however, that nothing herein expresses or implies 
And then you have this:
The state paid $2,300 for 23 legislators’ memberships in the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC, a far right wing group that pairs together paid corporate interests and conservative legislators to draft model legislation used in states across the country.
And from LONG-TIME ALEC Member Americans for Tax Reform Grover Norquist:

Kroft: But you make it pretty clear. If someone breaks the pledge, you're gonna do everything you can to get rid of them. 
Norquist: To educate the voters that they raise taxes. And again, we educate people--

Kroft: To get rid of them.

Norquist: To encourage them to go into another line of work, like shoplifting or bank robbing, where they have to do their own stealing.
Norquist MAY BE A  bit of a stretch – but in my mind, not much!
In my mind it is probably an unwritten rule of Alec/koch also.

Or another way of looking at it could be they will lose big chunks of campaign funding:
In the past ten years, employees of the 22 corporations on ALEC’s Private Enterprise Board have spent $9.3 million on state political campaigns in Ohio,

Double Standard – Wouldn’t You Agree?

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