Thursday, May 17, 2012

ALEC Has an Agenda

Ran into this just awhile ago - a pretty good almost great entry solely on the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

The entry is a - Good Primer – Good Refresher – Good Read
Worth re-tweeting and sending to friends who still don’t get it.
It will take ten minutes of your time to read.

If you do not follow up on this or if you do not act against ALEC by showing your local representative that this kind of behavior will lose your vote, then you, and you alone, are responsible for everything…potential loss of state government assets, public education, higher prices and perhaps even much, much higher taxes and costs for water, sewer, electricity and many other government services.

But the message is clear. ALEC has an agenda to limit workers rights, end consumer protection on such things as high credit card interest rates, undermine and decertify unions, create more “right to work” states, enhance free-trade programs that send jobs overseas and privatize many government services for the profit of their supporters.

Corporations see ALEC as an opportunity to repeal consumer rights legislation, to reduce or eliminate torts decisions for product liability and limit the rights of citizens injured or killed by corporations. Not only corporations but negligent doctors and health insurers as well as pharmaceutical companies have used ALEC to try to protect themselves from penalties for injury or death caused by their activities.
This article didn’t get much in the way of re-press or tweets – probably cause they used the word fascist.
But that is only one word in an article that is overall - quite good.

Read the whole thing >>>>>>HERE<<<<

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