Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Good Read on ALEC

I don’t normally just point people to an article about the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).
It has to be pretty good and a good read, for me to do that and I found one this morning.
Interestingly enough - the article is written from an ALEC infested state - Colorado.

This is a good article that you should give some love to – tweet it, facebook it –
It’s a good read, a quick read and an easy read and anyone who hasn’t heard of ALEC – would get a basic understanding of ALEC and the dangers of ALEC  from this article.

A couple of great snips:
In essence, ALEC is the tool of those who want to enshrine the elitist trends that have infected this country for the last half-century. Those of us who are not wealthy do not deserve a decent home, a decent job, a decent education and a decent life, in ALEC's view.

What we do deserve, ALEC would be quick to explain if he were an honest human being, is to slave away all our lives for low wages, and die as soon as can be arranged once we lose our productive abilities.

That is the new American dream, friends and neighbors — a nightmare of social Darwinism cobbled together by the corporations that owe their very existence to us, the workers and the doers.

Read the whole thing >>>>HERE<<<

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