Monday, May 28, 2012

Bettencourt (NH-R) Resigns - He LIED

From the ALEC Rich States Poor States Report 2011
Whichever state eliminates its income tax
first will send a blaring message to the rest of the
country: Our state is open for business.

State corporate income
taxes are low hanging fruit for tax reformers
looking to make a bold statement and declare
their states open for business.

Who can forget this ALEC Alum standing behind his ALEC Profit Sector Sign?

Or ALEC Member Brian Bosma in Indiana when he said this:
"This announces, especially in the Rust Belt, that we are open for business here," Republican House Speaker Brian Bosma said of the right-to-work proposal that would ban unions from collecting mandatory representation fees from workers.

Or Arizona ALEC Alum – Jan Brewer telling her folks
“Together, just like last year, let’s continue to lower taxes, to cut regulation and tell all employers that Arizona means business,” Brewer said to applause from the Republican-led Legislature. “Arizona is open for business.”

Or ALEC ALUM and person who was “involved with ALEC in its formative years of ALEC”  John Kasich of Ohio
Kasich pointed out that “four different companies changed their minds about leaving the state.       But the business community here knows things are beginning to change and that the Kasich administration gets it.  We’re open for business now.”

Then there is the story of DJ Bettencourt of New Hampshire
Can’t prove he is ALEC – yet

“We passed dozens of pieces of legislation that will keep the ‘Open for Business’ sign up in New Hampshire,” Bettencourt said.

Coincidence - probably not!

And then you have this report:

HB 1607 "Education Tax Credit"
SPONSORS: Rep. Bettencourt,

HB 1560 Health Care Compact
SPONSORS: Rep. Bettencourt,

SB 372 "Education Tax Credits"
SPONSORS:; Rep. Bettencourt,

Coincidence - probably not! 

 And then you have these Tweets from Bettencourt:

Coincidence - probably not! 

Wouldn’t you agree if it walks like a duck – quacks like a duck –
It is probably a duck???????

Can’t prove he is ALEC – yet
Maybe we won’t have to –

Bettencourt resigns amid law school scandal
Majority leader admits to misrepresenting himself to UNH law school

The announcement comes after state Rep. Brandon Guida called on Bettencourt to resign immediately -- alleging that Bettencourt had fabricated law school internship reports he needed to graduate. Giuda said he agreed Bettencourt could do an externship at his law office, but said Bettencourt only showed up once and performed only about an hour of legal work

Guida said if Bettencourt did not resign, he would have gone public with documents he said show Bettencourt lied to officials at the University of New Hampshire law school.

"This is what I was praying for. I worked this whole week to do it, and in fact, at 1 this morning, I emailed him and laid it out again," Guida said.

According to Guida, Bettencourt approached him and asked for help to complete his graduation requirements for law school.

The representative said he later learned that Bettencourt lied on the documents he gave the school. He said Bettencourt submitted 11 weeks of detailed reports to UNH School of Law and had never done the work, only showing up in his office once.

Liars – Liars – Liars
Secrets – Secrets – Secrets

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